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Price list for pergolas | Aluminum pergolas price

  • פרגולה שחורה
  • פרגולה לבנה
  • פרגולה בשחור לבן

Bioclimatic aluminum pergola

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Production time under the order + delivery 5 weeks

Choose the optimal size and characteristics of the pergola

The aluminum model, equipped with an automatic control system, stands out among the wide variety of pergolas. Its advantage is reliability and long service life. Such a pergola is made of high-strength aluminum. As a result, the finished structure is not too heavy, but at the same time it has excellent resistance to the strongest gusts of wind. The connecting elements are made of stainless steel, which also has high performance characteristics. The result of this combination of quality materials is an opening pergola with a long service life of decades.

Choose the optimal size and characteristics of the pergola

Dimensions — choose your size

Frame color — click on the desired color

Additional pergola options — select options for your product

Rain sensor

This automation has been designed to make your bioclimatic pergola waterproof. You no longer need to be afraid of thunderstorms, and this will allow you to put garden furniture inside the gazebo, and it will remain dry.

Three-way LED lighting

Specially designed for our pergolas, LED lighting kits are the perfect addition to your shading system that adds subdued and discreet light to your landscape. Easy installation combined with the simple use of a single remote control completes your pavilion

Wind automation

Adjustable wind sensor. The control of the maximum wind speed is carried out automatically by the pergola's bioclimatic control system, so that the panels open automatically when the wind speed reaches the set speed to avoid lifting.

Price list for pergolas

Aluminum pergolas are also an excellent choice as you always have the option to adjust the position of the roof depending on the weather conditions. For example, on a hot sunny day, half of the area can be shaded, and the other half can be left sunny. If it's raining, you can always easily open the roof and get full protection from the rain.

Watch video Pergola

Watch video Pergola

aluminum pergola price

Having learned all the advantages of opening pergolas, you can contact our company to place an order. Our company is a leader in the production of high-quality and durable pergolas of various types and shapes. Only with us you can choose the perfect model for yourself. Thanks to our production, we can easily implement the most complex projects, while not forgetting the main purpose of the pergola.

Electric pergola will be an excellent acquisition for those who want to control the condition of the awning with minimal effort. The electric gazebo is controlled by a remote control. And this means that to change the state of the roof, you don’t even have to get up from the sofa or chair, just press one button and everything will be ready.

You can order any version of the electric pergola from us. To order a pergola, leave a request through our website or by phone. Upon receipt of your order, we will contact you to determine the most appropriate time to take measurements. Our specialist must check the place where you plan to install the pergola, this is especially important if it is a hanging type of pergola, because it is important here whether the wall can withstand such a load or not.

After all measurements are made and the place is inspected, we calculate the cost of manufacturing and installation. The price may vary depending on the selected additional options - this may be lighting or heating for models with glazing.

It should be noted that an order for the production of a layout will be made only when all the details of the project are agreed and approved and no further changes are planned. We produce not only the production of building components, but also direct installation work.

Our mission is to fully satisfy the requirements of customers. We will always help you in choosing the most suitable models that will combine all the necessary functionality, dimensions and design. We are ready to realize any design of opening pergolas exclusively for you.

Contact us and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the end result.

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Aluminum pergola price

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