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New fogging system for pavilions, cafes, restaurants, outdoor areas.

Are there alternatives to fog cooling systems?

Ceiling fans can keep restaurants, cafes, balconies, and gazebos cool, but they won't keep out dust and flies, and the air will stay dry. On the other hand, fogging systems for pergolas and balconies will make you feel more comfortable even at facilities located near the highway. In addition, these systems are easy to install and can serve both small and large rooms.

The dispersion of the droplets that make up the water mist is so small that they evaporate before reaching the floor. It is for this reason that puddles and drops of water do not remain on tables, equipment and clothes during the operation of the fogging system. The water evaporates and turns into fog, while absorbing heat from the air and always feels cool in the room where the fog system works.

Fog system like an outdoor air conditioner.

Fog systems are often referred to as "outdoor air conditioners". Under standard climatic parameters in summer (air humidity 65% ​​and temperature 30-35 degrees Celsius), a fogging system located in a pergola or balcony will provide air cooling by 3-4 degrees Celsius. If, in a similar temperature range outside, the air humidity is about 10%, then the adiabatic cooling effect provided by the operation of the system will allow you to feel a temperature drop of 15 degrees Celsius!

This characteristic of misting systems allows them to be used for humidifying and cooling the air in rooms without a roof or canopy, even near the sea and in coastal areas.

Composite mist system.

● High pressure pump (70 or 100 bar) with 5-25 micrometer filter, timer and floor or wall mounting options.
● Nylon line (sometimes indicated the length of the section with sprayers and the length of the section from the pump to the first sprayer).
● High pressure sprayers (specify number and diameter of sprayers).
● Connections for system assembly and nozzle installation.
● Mounting brackets.

Fog systems for commercial and home use are sold in kits and parts (for self-development and assembly). Instead of a timer, you can use a programmable controller that works in conjunction with humidity or temperature sensors. It is sold separately or comes with premium fog systems.

The use of fogging systems for pergolas, summer areas and cafes, terraces or balconies provides several solutions at once:

● Relative humidity control
● Air cooling due to adiabatic effect
● Reducing the amount of dust in the air
● Increasing the number of customers visiting retail facilities through a decorative effect that attracts the attention of guests and visitors.

Fogging systems at such facilities are operated seasonally (during the summer season), so they can be both stationary and mobile.

In the first case, high-pressure nylon pipes are installed along the perimeter of the roof of the gazebo, balcony canopy or summer yard. On these pipes

at regular intervals high-pressure nozzles are installed, which spray mist - a water jet with a droplet size of less than 15 microns.

Portable fogging systems for balconies and pergolas with a capacity of up to 8-10 liters per hour are used in small areas (up to 50 sq.m.). Technically, this is a fan on wheels with an integrated pumping module. , a filter (connected to a water faucet) and several sprayers.

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