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יAdvantages of pergolas 

Advantages of pergolas


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Wide range of design options. Pergolas can be attached to the building or installed independently. The seating area may be different

Fully enclosed housing with vertical louvers. We also offer to order pergola modular.

Custom: Combinations of several pergolas or pergolas of complex shape


Wide range of design solutions. Roof and pergola profile in different colors.

The surface of the profile is covered with a durable powder coating. You can choose any color from a variety of colors in the catalog

Lighting can also be integrated into the pergola design


All sizes. Relatively light weight allows the production of pergolas of impressive size. Seamless continuous fabric can serve as pergola walls

May have a large area


Special fabric or glass for pergola walls

On our website you can order a pergola made of extra hard material. Fabric with a three-layer membrane structure: between two

Reinforced polyester is placed between the two layers. Provides fabric weather resistance and reinforced polyester

which makes the fabric durable and opaque. This is the advantage of fabric



The fabric does not transmit light at all and creates a comfortable shade

The area under a reliable canopy is reliably protected from the sun

The pergola reflects the sun's rays, so it will not heat up even on the hottest days

Pergola does not let water through

Pergola protected from rain and wind, up to 50 km/h

The pergola is made without seams through which water can seep

Tensile strength reaches 4 tons per meter

The frame size remains stable throughout the entire range of operation, the pergola does not sag or deform.

Contamination does not linger on an absolutely smooth surface and is not absorbed into the structure of the material

PVC pergola side fabric does not retain dirt and leaves


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