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Jerusalem aluminum pergolas 

Jerusalem pergola installation

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You can order production Jerusalem pergola installations. These are sun protection systems

At any time of the year, we organize recreation areas near swimming pools, restaurants, private houses and balconies


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Watch video Pergola



Fabrication and installation of an electric pergola Jerusalem

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Geography and climate of Jerusalem

electric pergola

The climate in Jerusalem is Mediterranean. Summers here tend to be dry and hot (but less stuffy and arid here than in the Israeli desert), while winters are hot and humid. It is said that there are only two seasons in Jerusalem: the rainy season and the dry season. The first is characterized by heavy rainfall and temperatures from zero to 7 degrees Celsius. This period lasts approximately from autumn to early spring. Summer in Jerusalem is usually dry, hot wind blows from the desert, precipitation stops, and the temperature rises and stays within +30...+45 °C.

Jerusalem is known for not having very cold winters. It lies in the subtropical climate zone, for which snow is an extremely rare phenomenon. If you consider yourself to be in the category of people who are not accustomed to the cold and do not like it, but do not feel a burning desire to dive under the scorching rays of the sun, then you can safely take this time of year into account when planning your trip. here.

Winter in the center of the country, including in Jerusalem, is a relatively warm and humid season.

Compared to other cities in Israel, winters in Jerusalem are much cooler. However, warm coats are not needed in Jerusalem in December. An ordinary raincoat with a thin sweater will be enough.

In December, the rains in Jerusalem intensify, the air temperature drops, but for the inhabitants of Russia it is high.

During the day, the air warms up to +14..+15°C, and in some cases even up to +17..+18°C. The wind is blowing and this is typical for this time of year. So feel some discomfort. Especially when it's accompanied by rain. It is worth noting that in December the rains intensify..

Rains turn into heavy floods, so during your vacation you will definitely need an umbrella or a raincoat. On average, weather forecasters talk about 8-9 “wet” days, which is actually not so critical. For those who want to touch the holy places, rainy weather is definitely not a hindrance to visiting various temples..

The snow itself is not discarded, but is very rare. But in the last three winters it has been rather unpleasant. For example, in 2013 city life was "paralyzed" for about 3 days due to heavy snowfall. And talk about global warming.

January in Jerusalem is the coldest month of the year. But for guests, this concept is relative - the temperature during the day only drops to +11 .. 12 ° C.

There are days when the air gets colder. This is due to the arrival of the anticyclone. But this weather did not last more than 3-4 days.

Winter in Jerusalem can be snowy, but the snow cover melts very quickly.

You should take more care of rain protection. Most of the year's precipitation falls in the middle of winter. And sometimes this process occurs disproportionately. That is, all precipitation can fall in one week, and the rest of the days will be dry. Another scenario is not excluded, but here it is impossible to predict in advance.

The evenings are quite cool, there is a sharp temperature drop - up to + 4 + 6 ° C, which is not surprising - Jerusalem has a mountainous climate.

It rains in February, as in January (about a third of the month), so the humidity is high. However, it is much lower than on the beach. The temperature rises gradually and sometimes reaches +17..+18°C, as in spring, but the average daily is still +13°C.

The weather in February is unstable, but in general much warmer and more stable than in January.

The absence of cold helps to discover new attractions and even travel to other regions as part of trips. It is worth adding that the number of pilgrims this month is decreasing and this makes it possible to completely escape from the real world and feel the strong energy of the old city.


Landscape images change like slides. You return to reality in the late afternoon when the weather worsens

The air is quickly getting colder, a strong wind is blowing. Night temperatures are around +6+7°С, so

Hot things do not lose their relevance



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